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Key Digital Trends For 2017

It’s early December. Which means that the moment you’ve all been waiting for all year is finally here. No. It isn’t Christmas. It’s time for us to present our Key Digital Trends for 2017.

The report we’ve prepared is, as always, divided into two sections. First, we review how our predictions fared from last year. (Hint: We did okay, but we got one totally, utterly wrong. Also, we didn’t predict Trump. Or Brexit. So you might want to stop reading now.)

The second part is the good stuff: We offer some thoughts about what you as a client, agency, technology or platform should be thinking about as we head into the New Year. And I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to turn the page on this year.

As always, we try to pair practical, concrete recommendations with our predictions, so that you’re not navigating these all by yourself. This year, we’ve got five trends for you, our biggest haul ever:

  1. The Chatbot Gold Rush
  2. The Abdication of Ethical Decision Making
  3. A Video First World
  4. Twitter Retrench
  5. Facebook’s Proprietary Metric Problem

You’ll have to read on for the details.

So, let’s get on. Grab your favourite beverage and settle in.

We’re anxious to hear your reaction, thoughts, and questions. Contact details are in the document.

Thanks for reading.

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