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Unblocked: The Power Of Blockchain Technology

You have probably heard of Bitcoin. Even if you know just a tiny bit about Bitcoin, you probably know more about it than Blockchain. But the latter is the crucial part—it is the bedrock of the former. It’s time we all understood more about Blockchain technology and its coming impact on the world. Simply put, Blockchain has the potential to be among the most important and transformative technologies of our future.

So what is Blockchain, and why is it so important? As more and more of our world goes exclusively digital, there’s a growing need for security and transparency. Blockchain networks allow individuals in a digital space to collaborate, sell and trade items of value directly with each other, without a middle man. There is no central authority, which means that one attack or glitch won’t bring the entire system down, as has happened in security breaches to big companies like Visa and Target. When our valuable items are no longer in our physical grasp, Blockchain networks may be our best hope for ultimate security.

Laura Masse, Global Consulting Partner at OgilvyRED, has written a landmark report explaining in detail Blockchain technology, how Blockchain establishes trust, and how it’s already transforming business today and will continue to do so in the future.

Below you can read Masse’s report, Unblocked: The Power of Blockchain to Establish Trust, Build Brands and Transform Business below:

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