Chris Celletti
The Future of the Chief Creative Officer

There are many ways to build, nurture, and extend a brand, but creativity is at the heart of all of these processes. Technology has fundamentally altered consumer behavior, which means that the way brands successfully communicate must be more nuanced and personal. It has to make a connection, ideally an emotional one; no small feat.

As agencies and marketers navigate this new, fragmented world, many are re-thinking how they’ve worked in the past in order to make those crucial, emotional connections with consumers. A recent piece in Adweek investigates the changing role of the global Chief Creative Officer, a position some believe may have reached its ultimate end. To Ogilvy’s Tham Khai Meng, that eulogy is far too premature. The global CCO can be an effective tone-setter and champion of creativity, which has a cascading effect—ultimately that creativity breeds great work which builds brand value and fuels growth. Not to mention the crucial role of attracting new talent to keep the cycle going.

“Creative people will go where creative people are,” Khai says. “That’s why you still need the global CCO. In fact, we need them now more than ever.”

Head over to Adweek to read the full piece, including more of Khai’s perspective. (Note: behind paywall).

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