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Change is A-Coming

We are undergoing Olympic-scale change in society, and we’re not just looking at you, Bruce Jenner.


This goes all the way to our use of the English language and bathroom designation—two deeply tradition-bound institutions. To wit: The University of Vermont’s announcement that it was officially recognizing “neutral” as a third gender options for its students, thus adopting a new pronoun. And Princeton’s newspaper demands more gender-neutral bathrooms on campus.

According to recent research, there’s a winning formula for getting things done in a group setting. Boil it all down to three factors: Have all members contribute to the discussion equally, be able to read others well, and have more women than men involved. Let’s see, Congress is… maybe one for three there. Maybe. Which certainly explains a fair amount of the gridlock.

Considering the attributes listed in that piece, it’s all the more astonishing—and ludicrous, and inexplicable—that so few women are included in Middle East policy debates. Israel-Palestine? Like women are going to do any worse?


Speaking of men being overrepresented throughout the annals of history: Social sciences students at Berkeley are calling for the student body to “occupy the syllabus” because social-theory classes only teach dead white guys like Hobbes and Marx; no women, people of color, or gays. (Side note: Is it time to retire the whole “occupy” thing? It’s almost as played out as adding the “-gate” suffix to anything remotely scandalous.)

Are you a woman who volunteers for the “nurturing” jobs around the office, like planning parties or gift exchanges or mentoring young employees? If you feel like those tasks largely go unrewarded, you’re not alone. And there are things you can do about it too. Starting with a polite, strategic, firm no.

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