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Gearing Up For New Gadgets

We’ve always had a cycle in in the tech PR business. It ran from PC Expo to Comdex to Demo and Agenda with a bunch of other gatherings thrown in for good measure. While some of the events that once drove the cadence of our client programs have vanished, the Consumer Electronics Show train keeps coming. It’s become one of the prime movers for tech innovation, and from where I stand—in Las Vegas at the start of the 2015 edition of CES— there’s no end in sight.

This trend is continuing unabated this year.  Some of the products and themes already announced are iterations of themes we’ve heard in the past, and here will also be important new discussions.

Evolutions: We should see some great developments in tablets, wearables, televisions, 3D printing and the connected home. The show hasn’t officially opened, yet analysis on the evolution of Internet of Things (IoT) and connected home has already started.  Editors just started uncorking the 2015 vintage of in depth wearables pieces. We’ll surely have drunk our fill by the end of the week.  We’re starting to grapple with the big questions of personal data ownership, use, and device interconnection. Perhaps this week’s developments will point out a clear path to us all.

New Breakthroughs: I look forward to hearing what the auto leaders have to say—just as much as I look forward to the functionality of the embedded auto technology. I’m equally, perhaps more, curious about how they intend to treat and manage the data they’ll inherit about consumer patterns. Ditto for the drone/unmanned vehicle manufacturers. I’m banking on responsible behavior from both industries, and that’s not just because I’m in PR. There’s too much at stake for a brand to fool around when they are dealing with so intimate a connection.

I’ll be in Las Vegas for a few days working with clients like LG. I’m here for them this week, telling the stories we want to tell, but I’m also listening for I have a ear out for what is resonating with the crowd onsite and with the audience watching the consumer electronics industry from afar.  In many ways there has never been a better time for technology PR consultants to contribute to stories and conversations—for clients and general audiences alike—about the role of technology to enhance experiences, life and business. Game. On. #OgilvyCES

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