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Eight Shifts for Successful B2B Marketing in Asia

Ogilvy Singapore has recently published “Eight Shifts for Successful B2B Marketing in Asia,” a new paper addressing the intricate paradoxes within the B2B landscape in the region. In this insightful analysis, SzeJie Tio, B2B Lead at Ogilvy Singapore, and Lavone Loh, Senior Strategist at Ogilvy Singapore, delve into three key paradoxes that challenge conventional B2B marketing wisdom:

  • Rational vs. Emotional: Despite the prevalence of rational claims in B2B communications, decisions are predominantly driven by emotional factors.
  • Digital Demand vs. Digital Noise: While B2B buyers are increasingly active online, they are inundated with content lacking genuine differentiation.
  • Self-Served vs. Sales-Served: Although buyers express a preference for less direct sales interactions, involving the sales team often leads to better decisions.

This paper offers more than just an examination of paradoxes; it provides actionable insights and thought-provoking tips for navigating these complexities. For businesses seeking to thrive in the dynamic Asian B2B market, this paper serves as an indispensable resource, offering a roadmap for success amidst paradoxical challenges.

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