• Brand Sprite
  • Campaign Sprite 1982 — No Longer a Joke
  • Office Shanghai

A famous meme featuring Sprite as the antidote to life’s heated moments, which has been re-shared repeatedly by millions across China for the past decade, was the inspiration behind the brand’s recent limited-edition product and supporting launch campaign.

Conceptualized by Ogilvy Shanghai, in partnership with EssenceMediacom, VMLY&R Commerce, Design Bridge and Partners, and Landor & Fitch, Sprite’s latest brand act has been welcomed as a hilarious reaction to a staple in Chinese youth culture. The 1982 Sprite product launch drove RMB 7 million in social commerce sales in a single day and the campaign has earned 7.4 million engagements on social media to date.  

1982 Sprite campaign results to date:

> Over 100 articles of earned media coverage driving 80 million earned impressions
> 7.4 million total social engagement
> 5.1 million views and 100,000+ bids during auction livestream
> No. 1 beverage store on Douyin (Tiktok) Commerce

With a unique flavour, closely based on the brand’s irresistible lemon-lime taste, Sprite 1982 continues to be available across Greater China for a limited time only, via all major e-commerce platforms, supermarkets and convenience stores.

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