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The Behavioural Science Annual 2022

Millions of children in India were routinely washing their hands with water alone. To make soap part of their regular routines, we had to get creative…

The award-winning Behavioural Science Annual is back for 2022.

We’re delighted to invite you to download the latest version of the Behavioural Science Annual – a collection of case studies filled with social interventions and applied behavioural science. This year the Annual is truly global, meaning you’ll find a whole collection of international cases, from:

  • Tackling childhood malnourishment in Andean communities
  • Incentivising COVID-19 vaccination among Chicago youth
  • Reducing drink driving on Australian country roads
  • Creating the habit of hand washing with soap in rural Indian schools
  • Addressing the high drop-off rates of stem-cell donors
  • Preventing hidden hunger in West African countries
  • Reducing food waste by redesigning bread packaging
  • Giving new life to the end slices of a loaf
  • Making the health benefits of Yogurt+ attractive and understandable
  • Fighting night crime in Melbourne’s darkest streets
  • Tackling overcrowding in French train stations
  • Reducing waste being dumped outside of bins in London’s borough of Westminster

So download it now and share it with your friends and colleagues.

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