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The 2022 Ogilvy Asia Book of Growth

Following our performance at the 2022 APAC Effie Awards, we are delighted to unveil the 2022 Ogilvy Asia Book of Growth, a curated compilation of award-winning campaigns that offer great insight into modern Asian creativity and effectiveness.

While the challenges, thinking and solutions of award-winning work are wonderfully diverse, they all have in common multiple skillsets and capabilities intersecting, to create truly original and hard-working ideas, powered by the unique culture, diversity and energy of Asia – blending traditions with progress, purpose with commerce, and human insights with the power of technology. 

The 2022 Ogilvy Asia Book of Growth provides an in-depth look at how brands across industries effectively generated impact this past year, including:

> How Cadbury Celebrations’ tech-for-good innovation “Not Just a Cadbury Ad 2.0” helped thousands of Indian small business owners impacted by the pandemic, resulting in a 35% sales growth over Diwali Festival.

> How Australian insurance company AAMI leveraged the power of behavioral science to reframe its value equation and create an off-ramp for switching consumers, reversing a 5-year market share decline

> How PX Mart, Taiwan’s moms-favorite retailer, attracted a new generation of image-conscious shoppers by turning its brand into an unlikely local champion of the global thrifting phenomenon.

As our region and the broader world continue to navigate ongoing uncertainty and turbulence, we hope you will be inspired and find actionable ideas across our award-winning cases and use them to help stimulate your 2023 opportunities and strategic plans.

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