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Mobility: The Future of Brands in Motion

WPP’s The Future of Brands in Motion study has found that mobility will become prevalent across every sector and it will increasingly provide a platform for companies to grow.

In partnership with Ogilvy Consulting, WPP interviewed global leaders in innovation, marketing, growth and UX across four industries – entertainment, retail, transportation and telecom. To understand how their current mobility strategies and ambitions for the future compared with consumer expectations, a survey of 300+ US citizens was carried out in parallel.

Key findings include:

The pandemic has accelerated consumer expectations of new experiences

The survey revealed that consumers are in a state of evolution – trialling, trained and ready to adopt all kinds of new products and services, such as contactless delivery, tele-medicine and shopping at mobile retail stores, with the pandemic serving as an accelerant.

Companies vary in readiness

Many business leaders now consider mobility an imperative, but the study found that readiness and investment vary dramatically.

Brand partnerships between traditional mobility providers and other companies are key

As the competitive landscape widens and threats appear from every sector, so do opportunities for non-traditional brand partnerships. For example, healthcare or drug companies partnering with convenience stores to offer medication delivery by drone, or autonomous vehicle makers collaborating with entertainment brands to take advantage of passengers’ new-found down-time to offer new kinds of experiences to pass the time.

The Future of Brands in Motion study helps brands find their growth opportunities in the new frontier of mobility. 

To find out more, download the full report or the research fact sheet.

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