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The future of retail

S_HIFT is a unique collaboration between Ogilvy Consulting and global executive search firm DHR, to help businesses tackle a holistic approach to digital transformation. A series of events is planned across Asia.

What brands can do to prevent misinformation

Preventing the manipulation of information and its dissemination on social media has become a vital priority for the public and private sector alike. Speaking at the 2019 Asia-Pacific StratCom, Pierre Robinet, Founder of Live With AI and Senior Consulting Partner at Ogilvy Consulting Asia, said that finding the solution will hinge on achieving the “right balance between regulation and empowerment.”

Better your behavioural handicap

It’s also no secret that the more experience you have testing your thinking, the more you’ll know about what works and what doesn’t. A successful golfer doesn’t just go swanning off around the course… they dutifully spend time on the driving range first.

How data keeps airline brands flying high

How do you get your brand to soar, when all the customer really wants is the absolute lowest price? In an Aviation Festival Asia panel moderated by Ogilvy Consulting’s Managing Partner Lucy McCabe, airline marketers talked about how they are taking digital transformation to the skies.