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Ogilvy Sri Lanka Launches Oxypura Face Masks for Puritas

Oxypura face masks is a product of Puritas, a 100% Sri Lankan owned and operated company. Having produced face masks for decades, the brand has perfected the science of creating masks that provide maximum protection to its wearer.

In this current pandemic when the usage of face masks is mandatory, Oxypura suddenly found a heap of competition, primarily Chinese and Korean masks that had invaded the market. Also, consumers generally feel that anything ‘imported’ is of a higher quality, even though Oxypura masks were similar to these imports or better in its efficacy.

Oxypura decided to turn its ‘localness’ to its advantage. These masks are designed by Sri Lankans for Sri Lankans, to fight the foreign virus. And, with four layers of impenetrable defense.Digging deep into Sri Lanka’s history, we came across noble warriors known for their bravery and fearlessness. These would resonate well with all Sri Lankans, but how did they look?

After consulting with local historians, we brought four warriors to life. Breaking down the strengths of each layer of the mask, we matched it with the strengths of these four warriors – from their appearance, to the weapons and accessories they wielded, each warrior and therefore each layer, got its own protection identity.

We call them the ‘Ranashura Oxypura’, meaning ‘The Great Warriors of Oxypura’.


Client: Puritas

Product: Oxypura Care

Agency: Phoenix Ogilvy, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Chief Executive Creative Officer: Rajiv R. Menon

Creative Director: Anusha Wijeyaratne

Senior Art Director: Rogger Kenneth Schales

Creative Writer: Pansilu Sannasgala

Account Executive: Buneshka Perera

Illustrator: Sudeepa ThanapathyCommercial

Retoucher: Roshan Mallawaarachchi

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