Chris Reitermann
Brand Strategy
Steering Brands Towards Growth in a Post Pandemic World

We’ve just finished the third and final update of our Making Brands Matter in Turbulent Times report.

We wrote the first report back in late February when there were only 2,000 infections in China.  Now it is a global pandemic with over 9 million cases and still rising. 183 countries have been affected and more than half the population has been in some form of lock-down.

The world is in different stages of the crisis and it is clear that Covid will have lasting effects in terms of economic impact, consumer behaviour and how brands need to behave going forward. 

In this latest version we focus on Asia and particularly China,  which is already on a road to recovery. We’re seeing new, sometimes surprising, consumer behaviour. We’re seeing many predictions shattered by consumers quickly falling back to old habits. We’re seeing impressive levels of digital innovation and brands making bold moves to capitalise on emerging opportunities.

We hope some of the learnings and examples will be useful as we all explore new opportunities for growth.

Download the full report here.

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