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That’s a Wrap for Nudgestock 2020

Whilst we normally take hundreds of people to the English seaside, this year we went online. We tripled the amount of speakers, managed to make this free for all and saved a whole lot of carbon, even raising £7550 (and counting) for charity whilst doing it.

What resulted was quite possibly the largest gathering of behavioural science enthusiasts ever to happen. Thousands of you turned up and tuned in from homes across the world.

We had Dan Ariely talking about what he’s been doing for the Coronavirus in Israel, Laurie Santos teasing the contents of Yale’s most popular class, and even the ex-lead psychologist of Cambridge Analytica making an appearance. There were evolutionary biologists discussing self help, Paul Dolan on Covid, and the grandfather of habits BJ Fogg. We had Dilip Soman, we had government advisors, we had practitioners… we had Rory.

Thank you to the speakers, thank you to the organisers, and thank you to our partners for making it all possible.

You’ve made it a roaring success, and we hope to stay in touch and bring you even more Nudgestock in the weeks to come.

If you missed the sessions, you can watch them below.

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