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Ogilvy Labs Trend report: CES 2014

Here’s a glimpse into last year’s CES trends. Which of these will continue on for this year? Catch all the highlights of the Consumer Electronic Show 2015 from 6-9 January on ogilvyasia.com. 

Every year in January, the world’s media, tech and innovation sectors descend on Las Vegas for what is now the planet’s largest electronics show. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year played host to 150,000 visitors. They came to see a collection of companies showcase their latest products, services and technologies that they hope and predict will make a splash in 2014.

Ogilvy London Labs attended the show for the third year in a row. Our aim : to scan, scope out and bring back the latest and most exciting technologies and trends that will have most impact in the ever-expanding business and consumer tech market. Our findings then inform the predictions we make for our Clients about potential future commercial application, and the potential use of those trends within the Marketing and Communication space.

It’s vital to stay ahead within this ever-evolving landscape. To explore new and alternative channels of consumer engagement. Ogilvy prides itself on its willingness and ability to do just that, and this year’s show this was very notable, as a number of our global agency offices came together to cover the event under #OgilvyCES! Ogilvy London happily present our findings from CES 2014.

Factoids about this year’s show :
2.2 m sq. ft. of space.
150k+ Attendees across 4 days.
3,200 Exhibitors.
#CES2014 used 256k+ times.
2.88 Billion reach.

Top performing brands on Twitter : Samsung, Sony, LG, Logitech, Playstation

Top 5 trends talked about : 4KTV res., Wearable, Smart Gadgets,. 3DP, ‘The Internet of things’.

Trends Big in 2014:

Cloud computing: Nothing new you might think, but this year at CES a number of services were announced that show the future is bright for cloud computing. Sony stole the stage early on, with the announcement of ’Playstation Now’. A service where all the processing offered traditionally via games consoles can be remotely streamed directly to to your television, console free!. Youtube showcased a similar offer. A 4K streaming service was also announced by Netflix, on offer later this year. Apparently, the service will require very small internet capacity to pull down large amounts of data from their own cloud servers.

Biometrics: Following the 2013 release of iPhone 5s, with its surprise inclusion of touch iD technology, (a fingerprint scanner on your ‘phone) the development and effect of Biometrics had an even larger presence this year. Various companies showed technology that allowed you to unlock, interact and store your biological information. From the use of retinal scanning web cameras, through to finger print recognition home security systems. This whole area of development raises a number of controversial matters in turn, of course. The technology needs to be 100% spook proof, for example, to legislate for potential identity theft by the use of stolen bio data.

Sensorisation: One of the largest changes in technology that permeated almost all aspects of the show was the evolution and increased sophistication of sensors in our devices. Environments now can capture information about us on a daily/hourly basis. The growth of and therefore scope & affordability of sensors means they are becoming a standard offer in personal tech. Motion sensors measure our movement, GPS checks our location, touch data our interactions and speech sensors now understand our languages. Large amounts of physical data, and therefore information can now be processed and analysed at lightning speed. So, greater insights into our daily habits mean greater understanding of our personal behaviour, experiences and preferences. That can be harnessed and the data analysis will inform specific, accurate targeting of spends.

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