Design Indaba 2016

Imogen Heap And The Future Of Music

Tech-savvy singer-songwriter Imogen Heap took the Design Indaba audience on a journey through her musical career with five songs that mark different stages of her journey. She started with “Come Here Boy”, which she wrote when she was 16, and ended with “Tiny Human”, which she wrote at the end of 2015 while looking after her new baby Scout (who is also the percussionist on the track and the inspiration behind the lyrics).


Heap also shared her ideas about Mycelia, a fair music ecosystem that allows artists to make money from the distribution of their music online and cuts out the need for record labels and agents. The data shared through Mycelia would also allow artists to share all the information and relevant credits for each song, and – for the first time – be able to track the usage. This kind of information would enable them to find out where the music was being downloaded, which radio stations are playing it where and when, and where in the world their fans are based.

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