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The State of Influencer Marketing

In our latest webinar, ‘How to Master Influencer Relationship Marketing’, Kathy Baird, Managing Director of Social in North America, guides us through a mid-year review with the latest on Influencer Marketing.

During the webinar Kathy follows up on what we identified at the beginning of 2017 as our outlook for the landscape – discussing the changing role of Influencer Marketing, the latest campaigns that provide examples to learn from, additional best practices, challenges and what’s to come.

One challenge covered is how to work best in this ever-changing space, and how to overcome hurdles such as creativity, data and disclosure and transparency laws.

Another key takeaway is the Influencer Relationship Management model, which Kathy describes in a four-step process:

1) Develop a strategic framework

2) Experience map/ design

3) Influencer acquisition

4) Planning and Execution

Watch now and see the full deck below to learn Ogilvy’s latest and most updated thinking in this space:

Charlotte Druckenmueller, Strategy Intern Ogilvy London, contributed to this recap

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