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VidCon 2017: What’s Next For Brands, Fans, And Creators?

VidCon started as a gathering for YouTube creators and their fans, but has since become one of the largest industry conferences for online video and digital marketing.

We can look at VidCon from three perspectives: brands, fans, and creators. For brands, VidCon is the perfect window into the world of creators; where fans meet their idols and the creators really get to know what makes their audience tick.

In our latest webinar, Justine Herz and Rob Davis give us their key takeaways and implications of what they saw on the ground at VidCon 2017. Among them are:

  •  – New creator tools announced for Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Facebook.
  • – Facebook has become the best discovery platform for creators. But for long-term relationships with followers, they move to platforms like YouTube.
  • – Snapchat is not in the playing field. Creators find the medium complex to build revenue streams and get analytics from.
  • – Creators are no longer amateurs—they are professionals and know what they want and can do.
  • – Creators are interested in long-term relationships with brands.
  • – The difference between creators, influencers and celebrities: creators don‘t see themselves as influencers, but as people with an influential audience. They consider themselves more of artists rather than opinion leaders. Working with brands, for them, means creation—not amplification.
  • – Youtube is pushing VR, AR and Live video.

View the deck and watch the webinar in its entirety below!



Charlotte Druckenmueller contributed to this recap.

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