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Ogilvy x SGInnovate webinar: Future of Healthcare – bridging the care gap

Technology is disrupting healthcare just as it has in so many other areas of life. New players and new approaches are proliferating but while the changes may seem dazzlingly diverse there is a single, underlying driving force.

Digital transformation in healthcare has many elements: health data privacy, ethical AI, IOT solutions, many brought to the market by new disruptors. These are all valuable elements of transformation, but ultimately they are steering to a single goal; empathetic care of the empowered patient.

In this increasingly patient-centric future it is the empathetic care, not the technology itself, that will prove to be the outstanding feature. The market leaders in this landscape will be those who embrace and explore its possibilities.

Ogilvy Consulting’s Senior Partner and Health and Wellness Principal Pierre Robinet shared expert insights on how to shape the informed patient journey through empathetic experiences, and succeed in your healthcare digital transformation.

Watch the full webinar below.

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