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‘WPP@Unilever is not an agency’ – David Dahan at Mumbrella360 Asia

This article was originally published on Mumbrella.

At Mumbrella360 Asia in Singapore, WPP@Unilever CEO David Dahan started off his session dismissing what was perhaps the most persistent misconception about the recently launched initiative, and said: “We are not an agency and do not want to be one. The reason why this was created was to try and answer a fundamental question: how do we best manage a global brand in today’s world? We are currently doing this for one client only – Unilever. This is not an experiment or a pilot. It is our life.”

Dahan elaborated on how WPP@Unilever was conceived, while reminding the audience that it was just six months old in its current shape and form: “At that age, we have learnt how to scream and maybe how to start walking. But we still have a lot to learn”.

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