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3 steps to better email marketing

40 per cent of consumers wish that marketing emails would be more informative and less promotional, according to new research by Adobe. And more than half express annoyance at the fact that marketers send emails far too frequently.

Despite all of this, email remains the preferred means of receiving offers from brands for over 60 per cent of consumers, compared to 18 per cent who prefer direct mail, and just 5 per cent who prefer social media — so it’s worth tweaking your e-shot approach.

  1. Timing is everything

Over 50 per cent of consumers feel that marketing emails are too frequent. Give your customers a chance to miss you! Scaling back the frequency of your comms should result in fewer of your emails ending up in the Junk folder. Additionally, fewer and fewer people are checking their emails at night, with 20 per cent of people now saying they “never” check their work accounts outside of the office. So no more after hours emails.

  1. Contextualise and personalise

34 per cent of consumers get frustrated when they receive emails from brands about products or services that simply aren’t relevant to them or their interests. However, one tidbit which might be of interest to health and fitness brands is that nearly a third of 18-24 year olds check their emails while at the gym.

  1. Simplify!

A fifth of recipients find themselves getting bored and annoyed waiting for images in emails to load. Messages that are busy or clunkily designed will soon lose the interest of the recipient, as will those which aren’t optimised for both desktop and mobile viewing. Also, 19 per cent of consumers hate having to scroll through long emails — so keep it short.

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