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Good news for Flappy Bird fans

Some of us are still suffering withdrawal symptoms from Flappy Bird, the simple but highly addictive smartphone game. The app was removed from Android and Apple stores last month by its creator, Dong Nguyen, who cited extreme pressure as one of his reasons.

And, let’s not lie, it broke our hearts a little bit.

Nguyen even went so far to say that Flappy Bird was “gone forever” in an interview with Forbes.

But don’t despair; Nguyen has changed his official stance somewhat. Responding to a fan’s Twitter enquiry as to whether he ever intends to release Flappy Bird back into the wild, Nguyen stated that while he has no plans to re-launch the original game, he is currently working on “a better one”.

At first we were like:

Still, we thought. There’s not much information on what, specifically, Nguyen is working on. Best not get too excited.

But then we told our friends, and we were all:

And in the end, we were unable to contain our excitement any longer.

But any new game is a while off, yet. So we will leave you to work in peace, Mr Nguyen. We promise not to burden you with our expectations like we did before.

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