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Fancy Edward Norton’s Jacket From Birdman?

Do you like Edward Norton? Do you wear jackets? If you answered yes to both of those questions, you’ve come to the right place! Norton just released a limited-edition run of the guerilla-style coat he wore in the Oscar-winning film, Birdman – “Like something Che Guevara would have worn on a brisk day in Paris,” Norton notes, describing the piece.

As the story goes, Norton wore this Osklen coat during rehearsals, and director Alejandro González Iñárritu was so entranced by it that he decided to integrate the jacket into the film as a wardrobe staple for Norton’s character, Mike Shiner. Iñárritu supposedly tried to purchase one for himself, but sadly, Osklen had stopped selling them.

Iñárritu wasn’t alone; allegedly, Norton’s family, friends and co-workers were after the Shiner look, too. “The Shiner” – as the jacket came to be known – quickly rose to fame on the coattails of Ed Norton (see what I did there?). And that’s when Norton had an idea.


Photo: Fancy

A while back, Norton met Oskar Metsavaht, Creative Director of Osklen, at a Rio Climate Conference and the two bonded over their passions for surfing and protecting the environment. Now, with the recent hoopla surrounding the jacket, Norton proposed teaming up with Metsavaht’s team at Osklen to reissue “The Shiner” in limited quantities.

Norton then turned to Joe Einhorn, Founder and CEO of Fancy, who agreed to sell the jacket exclusively on his site, donating all proceeds to the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust. All parties involved reveled in the creative, artistic and, of course, sustainable opportunity at hand.

The coat is available in army green (as seen in the film) and black, and the piece is sized appropriately for both men and women. Norton assures us: “If you get this jacket for yourself or someone you love, you can have the dual pleasure of knowing that:

  1. A) There’s only a few of us that have it
  2. B) Every dollar you spent on it went to a project that is a showcase for how we’re going to meet the challenge of sustainability in the 21st Century”

Buy “The Shiner” on Fancy!



Photo: Osklen


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