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Now there’s an Uber for ads

Feel like earning extra money? Why not turn your vehicle into a mobile ad? That’s the gist of Wrapify, a San Francisco start-up which has secured $1 million in seed funding and is already operational across 11 cities in the US.

According to CEO James Heller, Wrapify is a simple, offline alternative to a blocking, with a genuine benefit to the consumer. “When people discover the great new thing isn’t quite what they were promised, they return to what’s proven to work,” he says. “Wrapify uses technology not just for its own sake, but to teach an old dog a new trick.” Wrapify

Wrapify’s proprietary app tracks mileage via GPS and collects real-time impression data which it then sends to advertisers. One recent Wrapify campaign in San Francisco saw five vehicles garner 3.2 million impressions over two months; more than any billboard in the region.

There are stipulations, of course. Drivers must be 21 or over with a clean record and a 2008 model car or newer. They can earn an average income of between $400 and $500 each month, with one driver calling it “a great conversation starter.”

Wrapify has proven popular among brands keen to boost localised campaigns, and the new Swarm feature makes this even easier, as brands can offer their drivers bonuses to circulate in certain areas. “It’s a great way to not only help the drivers augment their income even more, but also be able to provide even more brand value to the advertisers on the platform,” says Heller.

Business Insider’s Jack Tisch believes Wrapify’s success is down to a keen understanding of the “macroeconomic and technology trends of crowdsourcing, the sharing economy, real-time data and analytics, and the sovereign individual,” while blogger Jason Cartwright says “it’ll be interesting to see if UberX and other ride sharing services allow their drivers to make supplementary income from Wrapify.”

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