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Tech News Roundup: April 27

Apple’s next big thing could be peer-to-peer payments

The tech giant is once again toying with the idea of building a money transfer service, similar to Venmo, which would enable iPhone users to send digital payments to each other. While newcomers to this space tend to struggle, Apple might just have what it takes to compete with PayPal.

Facebook doesn’t want to be the ‘arbiter of truth’

Despite Facebook’s on-going problems with fake news, COO Sheryl Sandberg has stated that it isn’t the company’s job to solve this problem. Or at least, not solely; Sandberg believes that newsrooms and technology companies have a part to play.

Transparency is the new black

At this week’s Digiday Programmatic Summit in Ireland, it became clear that brands and agencies must both start paying greater attention to where digital advertising dollars go. Greater transparency and accountability are required, and in order for that to happen, the clarity and quality of data must be improved.

How to make Twitter profitable

Twitter is an integral part of daily life for millions of people, but it still struggles to turn a profit. At present, corporate accounts can rack up millions of followers who engage with their content; this is essentially free advertising. So, is it time Twitter started charging big businesses for their use of the platform?

Netflix partners with Baidu-owned streaming service

Netflix might finally be on the verge of breaking China; this week it entered into a content licensing agreement with iQiYi, a streaming platform owned by Chinese search giant Baidu. Considering the many hurdles involved with bringing a Western property to a Chinese audience, teaming up with a local company is the smart way to go.

Amazon turns personal shopper

Can’t decide what to wear? Amazon have announced an app which will help you choose an outfit. Echo Look is a voice-controlled camera whose algorithms are based on input from fashion experts, and is expected to boost the company’s apparel sales as customers can try clothes on virtually before buying.

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