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Intelligence Squared Digital Summit

The Intelligence Squared Digital Summit will feature the world’s most prominent innovators who are transforming our lives at an ever increasing speed, and the influential thinkers who are interpreting the opportunities and threats we face.

Digital pioneers Martha Lane Fox and Alan Rusbridger on the part they played in the early days of the internet and where they think we are heading in the next 20 years.

Tinder president Sean Rad, Chairman of Tech City UK Joanna Shields, and Jamie Bartlett, the author who has ventured into the murkiest regions of the internet, on how life online is changing our identities.

Google’s Peter Barron and Silicon Valley polemicist Andrew Keen on whether the giant tech companies are a boon or a bane to society.

YouTube phenomenon Jamal Edwards, coding wizard Kathryn Parsons and startup supremo Rohan Silva on London’s booming tech economy.

Nick Bostrom, the world’s leading theorist on AI, Murray Shanahan, professor of cognitive robotics at Imperial College London, and neuroscientist Daniel Glaser on how we meet the daunting but thrilling challenge of advanced artificial intelligence.

All this, plus freedom of information campaigner Jemima Khan, digital-rights activist Cory Doctorow, and big data and financial algorithms expert Frank Pasquale.

The day will be rounded off the day with archinterrogator Jeremy Paxman chairing an Intelligence Squared debate: The Internet Is a Failed Utopia. Has the dream soured or is the best yet to come?

Questions we will ask are:

• What will be the key to business success online in the coming decade?

• Are monopolies the inevitable consequence of digital markets?

• Has online anonymity altered our social experience, our sense of self, our attitudes to sex?

• How will women fare in a world run and designed by a tiny number of male engineers?

• Will technology exacerbate or diminish economic inequality?

• How do AI and superintelligent machines threaten humanity?

From the effects of digitisation on our inner lives and society at large, to the imminent explosion in artificial intelligence, we will cover it all. Highlights will be posted on ogilvyasia.com.

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