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Our Shop Window: The All-New

Welcome to the new It looks sharply different than before. This is, however, more than corporate cosmetic surgery.

It is time for, like Ogilvy itself, to reflect the modern marketing environment. This change has been years in the making. Four years ago, Ogilvy started incubating an editorially-independent thought leadership site, ogilvydo, which has become a trusted resource for many of our clients and colleagues. You can now see the happy outcome of that experiment here on, which, like Ogilvy itself, leads with the best thinking and work of its people.

Ogilvy focuses on making brands matter—in our clients’ organizations, in the world, and in the lives of people from Chicago to Chengdu. We do that here, too. This is the agency’s home for ideas, reporting, debate, analysis, and innovative work, always centered on how all that matters to brands and the reverse.

You can tell a lot about a place by peering in its windows. is Ogilvy’s shop window wherein we tell the story of the many ways in which brands both make up and interact with our complex, changing world. You won’t be marketed-to here. You’ll be informed. After all, our founder, David Ogilvy, boasted that his agency was, “the teaching hospital of the advertising world.” Neither young, hungry marketers nor older, wiser ones can possibly read enough to stay on top of industry developments, technological evolutions, and global changes without some help.

Our mission is to do that for you. We bring writing, reports, videos, podcasts, graphics, and coverage from every corner of the marketing world. Our contributors are marketing communications professionals, journalists, and analysts who attend major events and conferences looking for the ideas and analyses that matter to brands. Sure, will tell you about our services, but it is just as much a way for us to serve an otherwise-unmet demand: providing a single hub for marketing and communications insight and news produced with the brand marketer’s needs in mind.

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